We all just love traveling, isn’t it? Whether it’s planning a short getaway at the weekend or a long vacation, it’s always exciting to travel.

Solo traveling is one of the best travel experiences which you can have in your life. It makes you stronger from within by implanting the seed of confidence and freedom in you.

It makes you understand who you are and also your true potential. Spending some quality time with yourself makes you clear about what you want in life and how you can reach them. While traveling solo you get an opportunity to interact with others which gives you a deep knowledge of their tradition and lifestyle. Having different experiences in life is important and one such awesome experience is Travelling solo.

Being a woman you must have hesitated sometimes to travel alone because safety is something extremely important for us. Today still in this modern world where men and women are equal we do have doubts in mind while traveling solo. Whether it’s safe for a woman to travel alone? What are the safe travel locations for solo woman travelers? How to manage everything while traveling solo?

So here we are to answer all your questions!

Traveling is safe for a woman when they keep some safety measures in mind and accordingly plan their vacation. So here are some important travel tips for solo woman travelers.


9 Safety Travel Tips for solo woman travelers:


1. Research about your destination beforehand:

  • and choosing your travel destination is as exciting as traveling. Whether it’s finding the best beach or the famous food junctions to look upon we all are pumped up with curiosity and excitement.
  • as far as safety is concerned you must ask yourself these questions and have good research on them before heading to your trip:
  • For lodging: Have deep research on the place where you will be staying. Look into the reviews of former travelers who have stayed there. Search about the neighborhood and find whether it’s a safe place to stay.
  • For Transportation: Search for the means of transportation, whether the local transportation facility is available near your lodging place or you have to rent a car.
  • Ask on Q/A sites: If you are unable to get answers to try asking questions on various Q/A sites where you might get help from the residents of the place.


2. Always keep your valuables with you while traveling:

Never bring valuable things in the first place while traveling like expensive jewelry, certificates, etc.

But in today’s world carrying expensive smartphones and DSLR cameras has become common. So while traveling always make sure that your valuables are with you. Never keep your valuables in different places as it increases a chance of losing your items. Always make a habit of carrying a handbag where you can keep all your valuables.

Whenever leaving your room always make sure you have kept all your valuables in your handbag. Never keep them in your travel bag while on a bus or plane because then you might lose them forever if anything happens.


3. Never Trust on people Too Quickly:

When you are traveling alone you might feel tempted to join a tribe and enjoy with them. Traveling does give you a lot of best experiences and sometimes if you are lucky you can also build long-lasting relations. But while traveling alone never be too quick to trust anybody. There are robbers disguised as friendly people sometimes who try to talk to you first then gain your trust and rob you.

Never leave your electronics to anyone, take your handbag with you even if you are going to the washroom.

So always make sure that you don’t tell too much about yourself and take your time to know people.


4. Only take what you need and leave the rest:

While packing it’s always a big confusion that what we should keep and what we should leave. So always make a priority list beforehand. Divide your list into different segments and then keep what you need and remove the extra. Keep the clothes that you think you are going to wear. Having excess bags and luggage can be a tiring job to manage while traveling. So try to keep your backpack as small as possible only with all those things that you need.


5. Avoid asking directions:

One of the most important travel tip is While traveling alone you might get puzzled sometimes with directions. So try Googling first before asking anybody else. Some Robbers sense that you are a foreigner so they try to help you and trick you by showing the wrong direction, so avoid asking directions to strangers. If you are unable to search on the web try asking the shop owners about the directions, they will always help you.


6. Blend in their culture:

Whenever you travel alone, try figuring out what kind of dressing style does that place have. Try to blend in with their culture and dressing style. If you look different and like someone who doesn’t belong to that place, then you might grab attention and attract robbers or criminals. So try blending in and make your look as local as possible.


7. Never compromise on safety for saving money:

Booking a hotel in the city center is mostly expensive as compared to hotels that are away from the center, so we sometimes compromise on our safety for saving those extra bucks.

 While traveling alone, always keep in mind that you are your only support! So make sure you never compromise on your safety. If you find a safe place to stay but it’s a little over budget, then definitely go for it because safety comes first compared to anything else.


8. Always keep secret cash and document copies for rescue:

There is nothing wrong with keeping yourself prepared for the worst. So to make sure that you are safe in any kind of situation get your documents scanned and save them in Google Drive, Google drop, etc.

To be safe in any situation always keep extra secret cash ready. Hide your secret cash at the bottom of your bag pack which you leave in the hotel room. So that in case you lose your handbag you will have your secret cash ready.


9. Staying in touch:

Traveling alone is bliss, and to make it a memorable one always keep a habit of notifying your near and near ones about the place where you are going. Give a copy of your trip details to your designated friend or family member. Print details like Flight number, hotel numbers, schedule of your travel dates to places, bank numbers, etc.

Have regular chats with your loved ones over calls, skype and emails. In this way, you will feel safer and in case you find yourself in trouble, they would be able to locate you more easily.

So now that you know that by keeping your safety measures in check you can go for a solo trip.

It will surely give you a lifetime experience to cherish forever and will make you realize your true potential…!

Just take that leap of faith and go for it…!

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