About us

Hello there, Folks! Before telling about us and Zeal of Happiness, A Big Thankyou for stopping by and reading our blog.













Hey, this is Ayushi and Arushi, We both are twins! Yeah, you read it right. Now like most of the people, the next question that must have popped up in your mind is- Whether we both are identical?

So the answer is- Nah, we both are fraternal. We have 3 minutes difference in birth time. You must be wondering, that being twins if we have different likes and choices? 

Yeah, we do but they are very less as most of our likes and choices are similar. We both are graduates in Engineering from the Electronics branch. Where one(Ayushi) was the university topper too!

Coming to our career we always wanted to do something different and big! So we explored different fields in which we were interested, because if you don’t love your work then you can never go in the long run! This was possible all because of our supportive parents who let their children pursue their dreams. 

A big Thank you to them!

Since the internet came, we both were always inclined towards digital platforms and internet surfing so we came across the SEO field (Digital Marketing) which is something which we both wanted to pursue. 

So today we are Digital Marketing Executives and serve clients with all their Digital Marketing needs, whether it’s increasing sales, Search Engine Optimization for ranking your website on Google or Social Media Promotions, we both handle the projects together and give the best results to our clients. 

Apart from this, we both have our Online Accessories Store on Instagram- The Elegant Bazaar

Which was started in Jan 2019, and till now we have over 100 plus Happy Clients from all over India. We aim to grow it in the future and wish to serve international boundaries as well. 

So how Zeal of Happiness started?

We both always wanted to have our blog because we love writing since childhood. So coming to the niche selection of the blog, we both were clear! We wanted to give you something that might help you in any way. Whether it’s maintaining a healthy lifestyle or life hacks that make your life simple, from clearing out your confusion for different travel destinations or giving you some motivation when you feel upset. We want to add that Zeal of Happiness in your life. 

That’s all for now! Thank you so much again dear readers for stopping by and reading our blogs!

Have a beautiful day ahead, 

With love – Ayushi and Arushi