What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is no secret today! People follow it but few are able to see the outcomes. For what reasons, we are not able to manifest our wishes through a Law of Attraction?
Let us try to understand the basics of manifestation of our thoughts through the Law of Attraction.
Our relation with the Universe is like an unborn child who has constant communication and an unbreakable connection with his mother.

Similarly, we are a creation of the universe. Which has a strong and unbreakable connection with it. The Universe wants to see us happy, prosperous and satisfied in our life. It always wants to bring the highest and best outcomes for ourselves and our
future generations. For our well being, it wants to communicate with us to translate our thoughts and beliefs into real-life
experiences. Either we do not know the right communication process or simply just ignore the signals being sent out by the Universe.
Our conscious and subconscious mind broadcast the messages, The Universal power instantly translates
what you really want and start working towards our wishful thinking. The more you practice, the more you will
get in response.

How to Make the Law of Attraction Work?

Law of Attraction




Here are some steps to practice for making the Law of Attraction Work :

1. For making Law of Attraction work, Calm down your mind and think that your wishes have already come true.

Create a scene in your mind and repeat the lines in the present tense. This will make the Law of Attraction work wonders in your life.“I am happy and thankful to God for giving me ….”
Remember: Always be affirmative and never use the negative words link: No, Not, Perhaps, etc.

law of attraction


2. Start speaking: How do you feel and experience on a daily basis. This will make the Law of Attraction manifest your dreams. Repeat every day:

  • I feel energized every single day
  • My creativity has enhanced and I feel inspired through my inner voice
  • Every time I feel positivity around me
  • People around me are very helpful and uplifting



3. Praise to the Universe for allowing the Law of Attraction conspires all our wildest dreams into reality. Like:

  • I am thankful to the universe for conspiring my dreams
  • I am grateful to see the opportunities that have lined up in my way
  • I greatly acknowledge that I am not alone and the universal energy is always conspiring to
    create a very happy environment around me.
  • I am grateful to God for giving me the strength to stand for myself and to fulfill my desires

Daily affirmation


4. At the beginning of the day..Give your commitment to this day

  •  I commit to being in a loving mode Today
  • I commit to give my unique authentic expression to the fullest of my energy
  • I commit to remain aligned with God and share my good thoughts, actions and inner
    feeling around me.
  • I commit to developing a powerful inner dialogue to connect with the higher self and become
    its reflection today

commitment affirmations


Making this a daily habit, will someday or somehow, make the universe grant and fulfill, even your wildest dreams in the way you have never imagined!

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